Preparing for release

In this guide we will explain the sequence of preparations before the release of the game.
Please read it carefully, the success of your start in the game depends on it.

Key Staking

The first thing you need to do after entering your NFTs is Staking Keys.
Only Keys staking allows you to get the first allocation of project tokens according to your NFT. If you don't have any Keys in the key slot of your account, you will not be able to stack your heroes and, therefore, will not be able to get the first tokens.
Additionally, the Keys give you the following benefits: - Day Mode Multiplier = 1 - Free unlocks 2 (Standard keys) or 6 (Premium keys) hero slots.
In the left menu there is a key slot. Clicking on it will take you to the Keys staking section. Click on the plus sign, select your key and confirm the staking.
Be advised, the Key unstaking will open on November 27.

Profession distribution

If you plan to play a bundle of hero and tool, you will need a profession. At the start, the Gemaland team provides a profession for each tool to enable you to start mining resources.
All you need to do is to stake your keys in the right slot and enter your tools into the game.
On November 19 at 17:00 UTC we will distribute the professions according to your tools.
After release, professions can only be created with project tokens.

Slot allocation

Dragons and ships also require opening slots. At the start, the Gemaland team opens slots without payment according to the number of your NFTs. To do this, you need to stake the keys in the right slot and enter your ships and dragons into the game.
On November 19 at 17:30 UTC we will open slots according to the number of NFTs you have entered. The maximum number of slots for Dragons and Ships is 2.

Game release and first token accruals

Accrual of tokens will only be for those who have staked their Keys and NFTs to the correct slots according to your NFTs hourly output.
For example: You have staked a Rare Richard and a Rare Axe. For this NFT set you will receive 270 GLH (Human Coin) + GLW (Wood)
The first token drop will take place on November 20 at 12:00 UTC Which will mean the release of Gemland.World