Deflation system

Basically, you can see in projects how in-game tokens undergo hyperinflation over time. A sharp drop in tokens leads to the collapse of the project. The reason for the hyperinflation problem is due to an oversupply of tokens. If there is no constant growth of users in the project, there is nowhere to dispose of the surplus tokens and consequently they are sold at low prices. We have developed a unique system that will not only keep tokens from hyperinflation, but also keep them in a constantly growing trend.
The cost of crafting all NFTs in Gemland increases with a certain step. This solution will keep the game from an oversupply of NFTs and encourage users to plan for the distant future of the game. And as soon as the user can get the set he needs for the game, the cheaper it will cost him.
The game has a mechanism for mining complexity. The more people participate in mining, the harder it becomes to mine tokens. Advantages of this solution: - Constant shortage of tokens on the market, which leads to positive dynamics of tokens. - The first project participants will mine more than subsequent participants, but this does not negate the fact that a token will be needed at any given time. - Stacking tokens will not only allow you to earn in tokens, but the prices themselves will grow in value.
Last modified 8mo ago